Switch the Lens is a podcast about bad customer service. For years, business strategy expert Bob Caporale has kept a detailed log of all the poor customer service experiences he’s had. And on this podcast, he reveals them all to you! It’s a funny and sometimes frustrating look into a world where nothing seems to work the way it’s supposed to. But it’s also a candid view of exactly how much time and money everyday consumers are spending fixing other people’s problems, and how companies can reverse that trend if they would only take the time to Switch The Lens!

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Bob Caporale is the founder of Strategy Generation Company, a strategy training and coaching business that focused on teaching product managers, marketing managers, and business leaders how to build their own uniquely differentiated strategic plans. Bob is also the author of the book Creative Strategy Generation (McGraw-Hill), the host of the Beyond The BeefMaking It Real, and Dear Strategy podcasts, and the creative force behind the Theatre Of Life music project.

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